M O D R A L U N A / B L U E M O O N

instalacija, 2021, 56,0×40,0x6,0cm, porcelan, glazura, tuš, voda, električna peč

pojav modre lune je astrološko izjemen in redek dogodek. nosi spomin na nepredvidljivost narave. v izzivalnen in izjemnem času, v katerem živimo, nas lahko spodbudi ne le k sanjanju, temveč tudi k utelešenju nečesa za nas pomembnega, dragocenega, izjemnega.

porcelain installation, 2021, 56,0×40,0x6,0 cm, porcelain, glaze, ink, water, electric kiln

the appearance of a blue moon is an astrologically exceptional and rare event. it carries the memory of the unpredictability of nature. in these challenging and exceptional times in which we live, it can encourage us not only to dream but also to embody something important, precious, exceptional for us.

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