krog življenja. triptih / the circle of life. tryptich

k r o g   ž i v l j e n j a
triptih. 2019. 700 x 450 x 52 cm. kamenina, oksidi, raku žganje.
baikal ceramystica simpozij, olkhon otok, baikalsko jezero, sibirija, rusija.

t h e   c i r c l e   o f   l i f e
tryptich. 2019. 700 x 450 x 52 cm. stoneware, oxides, raku firing.
baikal ceramystica symposioum. olkhon island, lake bailkal, siberia, russia.

the tryptich was born out of the shamanistic concept of the world and life, which consists of the wholeness of three worlds – unseparable and breathing together: lower, middle and upper world. to interpret it, three goddesses emerged from my hands, each one supporting, revealing and guarding one of the worlds.



photography: tatiana eroshenko, ivana petan
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