med vodo in vetrom / between the water and the wind

m e d   v o d o   i n   v e t r o m 
instalacija. 2019. 5000 x 700 x 20 cm. kamenina, porcelain, steklo, pesek, žagovina, različna žganja.
baikal ceramystica simpozij, olkhon otok, baikalsko jezero, sibirija, rusija.

b e t w e e n   t h e   w a t e r   a n d   t h e   w i n d
installation. 2019. 5000 x 700 x 20 cm. stoneware, porcelain, glass, sand, sawdust, oxides, various firings. baikal ceramystica symposioum. olkhon island, lake bailkal, siberia, russia.

the inspiration for the installation emerged from the lake baikal waves, moving softly on the lake’s surface, born by the strength of the wind. rhythmical and at the same time constantly changing. this imprint of air in the water I sensed as the way the life takes its form and path…emerging as individual rhythm, but simultaneously coloured with momentary changes of the course, caused by the outside unpredictable influences…i’m the water, constantly waved and shaped by everything that comes on my way. in this way, as much as i am an unique individual, i’m already always the reflection and the imprint of the others.
the sand, glass pieces, sawdust, added to the stoneware, I collected in the nearness of the dome and on the lake shore.






photography: tatiana eroshenko, ivana petan


after the positioning, the visitors were invited to reposition the installation, according to their own inspiration and sensation of the water-air connection/collaboration/tuning. and what happened was also this:



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